Data protection policy is valid for all the visitors of the website

This policy is valid for the user’s first visit and all the website visits in the future. With the click on the button in a pop-up notice on your first visit, you can agree with this data privacy policy and our cookie policy.

This policy can change withour prior warning. With the further website use, you agree with the change of our data proction policy.

Website owner kindly requests users, who don’t agree with our data protection policy, to either decline the policy via the corresponded button in the cookie notice or do not use our website at all.


  1. The data we collect 

Website owner collects IP adresses of users to enable website statistics, however the data is anonymous and does not reveal other user information or enable user identification. We use cookies to distinct between the users, however we can’t identify them.


  1. Data analysis

Website owner will use the gathered data strictly for these purposes:

  • website login and access to content management system for specific users
  • statistical and marketing analysis, based on the visitor data – this data can be send to below listed provider, however we will never reveal any user identity in the process.

Website owner guarantees that the gathered data will not be send to providers, other than the ones listed below (check the cookie description section).


  1. Data protection and duration of archive

All the user data is kept in regulation with this policy. Website owner frequently performs data backup to ensure proper website functionality. The connection between visitors and website is encrypted via SSL certificate. User agrees that the website owner can keep the data as long as he needs the data to achieve the purpose of the data usage (usually 2 years). After that period, the data will be erased.


  1. Usage of cookies

– What are cookies?

Cookies are text files, which enable the website to remember certain settings and data (for example, login data). Cookies are used on most of the modern websites and can provide better user experience for users with saving time and enabling website owners to better tailor the content, according to user needs. For transparency purposes, we have listed cookies we in a table below, along with the clearly stated purpose of use and the duration. We also comply with Slovenian laws regarding this regulation (mostly Zakon o elektronskih komunikacijah (Uradni list št. 109/2012)).

– What are necessary cookies?

These are the cookies that needs to be enabled, so the website can function properly. Some coookies enable sessions (for example PHPSESSID), which provides website security, other cookies enable certain service (wordpress_HASH enables login and WordPress registration).

PHPSESSID Sessions within content management system WordPress Session
wordpress_HASH User authentication within WordPress Session
wordpress_logged_in_HASH User authentication within WordPress Session
WordPress_test_cookie Check if we can use cookies or not. 1 year

– Cookies for which we need you explicit permission

These cookies enable us to update website with relevant content, gather statistical data and connect our website with social networks. Some cookies collect ananymous statstics about website visits, other cookies are connected with advertising and social networks. We use website statistics and other gathered data for our purposes only.

Cookie name Description Duration Selection
Website analysis
(Google Analytics)
utma Statistics of all the website visitors on our website (number of visits, duration, which pages are most popular…) 2 year You can install the Google Analytics browser at or simply decline our cookie policy. All cookies are owned by Google Inc.
utmb 30 minutes
utmc Till you close the browser
utmz 6 months
Social network cookies, if the plugin is enabled fbm Piškotki, uporabljeni pri Facebook Like oknu. 2 years You can simply decline our cookie policy. All cookies are owned by Facebook Inc.
fbsr 5 days



  1. Use rights

Although the data we gather on our website can not be used to identify specific user, you can also write us an e-mail and demand these actions (your rights) from us:

– we need to confirm or decline if we gather or analyze any data, that is connected with you,

– we need to update the gathered data, that is connected with you,

– we need to send you a copy of the gathered data, that is connected with you,

– we permanently delete the gathered data, that is connected with you.

All changes regarding these rights will be clearly communicated with you.


  1. Recommendations for data privacy protection

    Although we will do our best to keep you safe, we also recommend you to take action and take care of you personal data. You are responsible for:
    – safety of your user names and passwords, which should be complicated, kept hidden and revealed only to people you trust completely,
    – safety of you e-mail address
    – antivirus and anti-malware protection of your computer and other devices, which should be updated on regular basis


  1. Final provision

Invalidity of a part of this policy, no matter the reason, does not mean that this policy is invalid as a whole. In this case, the invalid part of policy is considered not stated, however the rest of the policy is still valid.


  1. Contact

You can find our contact information at the bottom of the page or on the Contact subpage.

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